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Join Our Core

We are currently looking for individuals who are interested in being a part of our core committee. There are opportunities to engage in all aspects of our organization from event planning, marketing, social media, etc. We have something for everyone. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about improving our community, community health, and making a difference. We need dedicated members that are committed to being present and doing the work. If you're interested in joining our team please fill out the form below by July 7th 5PM CST.


Community Engagement

Responsibilities Include:

  • Establish partnerships with community based organizations, corporations, and other agencies/entities

  • Work with colleges and universities to identify interns for our internship program

  • Oversee volunteers and volunteer opportunities for events

  • Actively recruit, train, and manage volunteers

  • Maintain a directory of colleges and universities, community partners, and volunteers

Educational Outreach

Responsibilities Include:

  • Provider leadership for planning and organizing community events

  • Identify outreach opportunities in the community of AAAHC to particpate

  • Develop and monthly and quarterly calendar of community events that AAAHC hosts
  • Work closely with the Marketing & Communications committee on promotional materials
  • Identify speakers and presenters for events

Funding & Development

Responsibilities Include:

  • Recommend to the Board of Directors, grant management standards and criteria for submitting grant applications

  • Assure all grants are monitored and evaluated

  • Determine AAAHC priorities for funding, geographical and service category, utilizing information developed with the Advisory Committee

  • Seek local, state, and federal funding opportunities

  • Explore special initiatives and new ideas for program development

Marketing & Communications

Responsibilities Include:

  • Oversee the reputation of AAAHC with the public and other stakeholders

  • Manage AAAHC social media pages and YouTube channel

  • Create messaging for public press releases and other communications

  • Develop and manage newsletters for subscribers

  • Review content on AAAHC's website

  • Develop marketing materials for events (flyers, PSAs, etc.) in collaboration with the Educational Outreach committee


Responsibilities Include:

  • Recommend the appointment of the Executive Director

  • Conduct evaluation of Executive Director

  • Develop salary schedule for AAAHC and personnel review of proposed staffing plan

  • Review and recommend changes where appropriate in the Personnel Policies

  • Hear appeals regarding personnel actions

  • Recommend and secure rental agreements pertaining to the leasing of office space(s)

  • Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors an operating budget

  • Review AAAHCs annual audit

  • Recommend changes in the by-laws where appropriate

Core Committee Application

Please complete the form to join our organization.

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