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For over 15 years, AAAHC has served as a key organization for building collaborative partnerships to address pressing community health problems. The main focus of the organization is health education and promotion and connecting the community to available resources. The organization has partnered with other community-based organizations, local hospitals, local health departments, and FQHCs to host regular public health events, programs, and speaker series. AAAHC has extensive and successful experience in managing and evaluating public health programs and events. Our success lies heavily in our membership. We are an organization that includes nurses, doctors, epidemiologists, public health workers, community health workers, professors of public health, researchers, outreach workers, social workers,and educators. Everyone is deeply vested in the health of the community and the combined expertise allows us to examine challenges from multiple perspectives and truly engage in systems thinking.


The Aurora African American Health Coalition is a nonprofit, non-political, secular volunteer organization established for the purpose of empowering and educating the Aurora African American community about health issues and healthy choices.


The vision of the coalition is to eliminate health disparities in the Aurora African American Community by using a holistic approach, promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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